• Halloween Treats

    In my shop I have an assortment of cemetery, tomb, ironwork and statue art and stationery that is particularly great for this time of year. It makes great hostess gifts, favors at parties or little happies for friends and family.

    Enjoy taking a look around the shop.
  • Ethereal Inspiration in a Southern Garden

    I so love the magic of a Southern garden. At this time of year and in black and white it adds a certain Southern gothic to everything. The flowers become more magical and the butterflies and birds take on an otherwordly appearance. The garden statuary even look as if you could speak to them as they stand sentry.

    This ethereal quality is quite lovely to create and stands out so beautifully in a gold frame so you can continue to enjoy it effects.

    Enjoy the magic of your garden.
  • Gifts and Tags and Holidays, Oh My!

    I've designed several tags for any time gifts and holiday gifts using my artwork. They are perfect for anything from a happy for a co-worker to birthdays, Christmas, Mardi Gras and more. Get one or all. Each one has a different artwork. The gift tags are printed beautifully on card-style linen paper. So add something pretty and elegant to your packages.
  • It's October. Time to Get in the Mood!

    Well, Fall is here and whether the weather down South is cool or not the light has changed and that beautiful golden light through the oak trees in the afternoons is delightful.

    My favorite time of the year begins in October and runs through carnival season. Here we are busy with decorating for Halloween and going to the many events during this time of year and getting ready for the holidays ahead. I like to keep it festive with fun, roomy totes like this one. You can get one too from my collection by going to my shop on the website. Just Search "totes" and you'll find this one plus others that are currently available to make your shopping, gym time, work time and dashing round town better.

    Enjoy the season!
  • Bring What You Love Into Your Home

    The South is always my inspiration and my artwork prominently features the beauty of it all.

    By collecting art you enjoy and that visually appeals to you you are bringing what you love into your home. It has a positive affect on your daily life and enhances your surroundings.

    Art is good for the soul.
  • Those Long, Hot Summer Days at the Beach

    It's Summertime and in the South we really feel it with those long, hot and oh-so-humid days where you pray for a cool breeze and a refreshing drink. An outing to the beach is the perfect antedote. Toes in the sand, waves lapping and the Gulf breeze make the heat more enjoyable. Beaches along our beautiful Gulf Coast are both popular and lovely with their white sands and water as far as the eye can see.
  • Sweet Dreams: Art for Your Child's Room

    All the dreams will be sweet for your child with colorful and beautiful art from theRDBcollection. Such great pieces to complete the room and entertain your little one.
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  • Add Art

    Art is a beautiful addition to any room. The unicorn is perfect for this ultra feminine girl's room with its pink velvet ottomon and antique gold mirror. The magic of this fine art photography from artist Renee Dent Blankenship pops while tying in the design elements of the room.

    Let every room be full of beauty and magic with art from theRDBcollection.
  • Summer is for Reading and Bookmarks

    These artsy bookmarks from theRDBcollection are great for you or to give as a little gift to another book lover. Mark the page beautifully with one.
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