• A Cool New Orleans Mug for a Beautifully Cool Weekend

    It is a cool, crisp Spring weekend, a rare treat, so add to the enjoyment with a hot cup of tea, coffee or cocoa on the balcony or porch with one of my limited-edition New Orleans mugs using my artwork. It will make those relaxing moments extra special.

    During the week it will make your home office and all your work at home more enjoyable. It would also be a lovely little happy to send family or friends to brighten their day.
  • Gift Ideas for Mom!

    Here are a few last minute gifts from my online shop that I can deliver locally or mail overnight to your mother, wife, daughter, sister or any of those special moms in your life. Each one is beautiful and uniquely artisan-made.

    Check out more on www.theRDBcollection.com and email me if you have any questions or special needs.

    I hope Mother's Day is special for everyone.
  • What It Means to be a Mother?

    A tribute to all the wonderful mothers out there.
    Be sure to honor all the hardworking, dedicated and loving mothers out there you know. What the good moms do is so important and should be uplifted and encouraged. The world is a better place with the love of a wonderful mother. I know. I had a fantastic one.
  • Honoring Our Mothers

    May is such a lovely time of year and perfect for celebrating our dear mothers. Mothers should be loved and honored year round, but this upcoming mother's day is an extra special moment to let her know all she has been to you. This year take time to write a sweet note commemorating your life with her and all she means to you. Send or give it to her along with flowers and a small gift celebrating the day. For those of us whose mother are gone it is a special time of reflection and honoring her memory whether it is cooking her favorite recipe, looking through old photos or lighting a candle for her. However, you celebrate enjoy the day.
  • Follow Me on Twitter

    Be social with me on Twitter. I would enjoy seeing you there.

    Easy link to my Twitter account...

    I also post pretty pictures from around the city and lovely things from my shop on Instagram if you would like to socialize with me there too I would love it...

    Can't wait to connect with you.
  • A Beautiful Gift for Mother

    This fused art glass I designed using some of my artworkk is a really beautiful piece. It is a special gift for Mother's Day or any time. The Sacred Hearts, lilies and surrounding art are vivid in color and wonderfully lumniscient.

    During this time it is so important to tell your mother how wonderful she is and thank her for all she has done. Write a lovely note and express your appreciation and mention things that she has done that have made life even better. Enclose it with this special fused art glass so she has a beautiful symbol of your love and of how wonderful you think she is.
  • Books are Everything

    Reading is so important. Books are a way to learn, to escape or be inspired. On World Book Day it is good to remember what a special place books have had in our lives and in history. Read and enjoy and give your book a lovely little piece of art with one of my bookmarks from my collection. Shop the website to see the dozens and dozens of bookmarks currently available. You can even gift a book and one of my bookmarks to brighten someone's day. Don't forget to support your local bookstores by buying books from them. Order and let them mail or deliver curbside to you.
  • Our Beautiful Cathedral

    I am inspired by our cityscape in New Orleans and enjoy photographing around the city. Beauty is everywhere. St. Louis Cathedral is especially lovely. I have photographed it so many times over the years and in so many ways. This piece is a detail of one of the spires along with a striking black old lantern standing sentry in front. Bring the wonder of your favorite city into your home with art from my collection. It will brighten your day.
  • Find a Beautiful Bookmark to Gift Mail to Someone this Easter

    With everyone in the world reading right now, find a lovely bookmark for a friend or a family member to let them know you are thinking of them. It mails easily in any envelope or greeting card. theRDBcollection can also mail it for you with a greeting from you if you like.
    Check out the dozens upon dozens of bookmark offerings on my website and pick something perfect. It is a little piece of art for their books.
  • Spring in Bloom

    It is Springtime. The flowers are all in bloom. Enjoy them as you take your walks or bike round the city.
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