• Unlock It

    Unlock the door, crank the car, open the iron gate's lock with this eye-catching key chain.
    A pretty and practical keychain for you or to give as gift.
    Striking artwork from my collection was used on this lifestyle item.
    It is such a great size so you can find it easily.
  • Something Christmas-y to Give

    Making a list and checking it twice ... on a beautiful holiday streetcar notepad from my collection! That’s what I’m doing! You can too. I love having this pad out during the holiday to make quick notes to family or to make a list of things to do. It is so pretty to leave out yet practical too!

    Makes a great hostess gift or little happy for friends too. So many people give plants, holiday cookies and treats or candle as a little happy to some friends, neighbors, teachers, special service-related people so why not give something different that is fun and functional too.

    Order quickly because I am running out of these popular Christmas Streetcar notepads. I also have dozens of other notepads if you want something without a holiday theme. Just check in my shop on my website and find the currently in-stock choices I can ship out immediately.
  • Twelve Days of a Southern Christmas

    A little fun for you. Read this twelve days of a Southern Christmas with my Southern Shabby Chic Shack in background. Just a little holiday happy to brighten your day.
  • Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving and the start of the holiday rush. While getting ready for parties, planning the menus and buying gifts, take time to enjoy the love and beauty all around you. Wishing you a wonderful time.
  • Making a List and Checking it Twice

    Let's get organized with the holiday gifts....
  • It is Gift Giving Time

    So everyone is starting to make lists and decide what they need to do for all the upcoming holidays. Whether you need a hostess gift, a little happy to share with co-workers or friends or even those Christmas gifts to delight, find something for everyone at theRDBcollection.
  • Handmade By Me

    Creating handmade pieces inspired by my photography and artwork is such a satisfying exploration in another medium to express my love of the South. Working on sketches, going through photographs to get inspiration and then designing these pieces whether jewerly, niches, art glass or other lifestyle adornments I personally create in my studio is exciting especially when customers and clients like them and enjoy having them or sharing them with others.
  • Beautiful Black and White Photography

    I love black and white photography. It has such a dramatic impact, and it gives the subject a different perspective. The absence of color can be stunning, emotional, provacative or even melancholy. In college, I would spend hours in the dark room perfecting my technique and enjoying the process of creating black and white art.

    In a gold frame it's very special or in the traditional black frame you will have a piece of art that enhances the beauty of your home. Finding the perfect black and white art for your space is only a click away.
  • For All Your Travels

    Whether I'm running to meet a client or shopping on Magazine Street, I like to have water or coffee with me. So I decided to find a lifestyle manufacturing platform and design travel mugs with my artwork. I love using them because they keep things hot or cold and the construction is great with its metal and Tervis-like lid and design. Plus they are beautiful and stylish...
  • Boo

    It's Halloween time. Enjoy the fun.
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