• Fused Art Glass Made Just for You

    Another beautiful piece of fused art glass from my collection. I used a detail from my Fleur de Lys Entombed artwork for this particular rectangular dish.

    Customers have used the fused glass as art to display, serve ware for dinner or cocktails, a trinket dish for jewelry and a valet tray for keys, cards and iPhone. The fused glass I create makes a lovely gift too. Beautiful and special. Something you won’t be able to get everywhere, and that shows a love of the beauty of the South.

    Shop my collection exclusively online for one-of-a-kind , limited edition, atelier-only pieces and small runs along with popular items to enhance your life.
  • Coasters for Cocktails!

    Pop the bubbly for a champagne cocktail or two. your drinks will be sitting pretty on the coasters from my collection. Absorbent and reusable. I love gifting these to friends and family too. Such a fun and useful gift. Go to my online shop to see all the styles available now.
  • Decorate Your Home with theRDBcollection of Beach Art

    Find lovely beach art in my online shop. Artwork that’s relaxing and peaceful is always a wonderful addition to any collection.
  • Postcard Perfect

    Use postcards to not only send but for many projects and decorating too.
  • Beautiful Art Canvases from theRDBcollection

    Over the Summer I have been creating a few canvases to offer in my online shop for my customers. For years, commercial clients have purchased custom canvases of mixed media work and photography I create for their offices and businesses through my art & design business. I decided to do a few 16x20 canvases for my online shop. These will be perfect on the wall or sitting around your beach house as well as your home.

    Take le a look online and contact me for more information or to discuss a special order if you prefer.
  • Incredible Blooms of the Yucca

    A nature share with you of this plant‘s magnificent bloom at our beach house recently.
  • Summer Reading with Pretty Art

    Reading with a little piece of art makes those books even better. Enjoy a wide selection in my website’s shop.
  • Great for Cocktails

    A beautiful acrylic tray with my artwork makes the perfect cocktail or snack server for two.
  • Map of New Orleans in 1860

    A bit of cartographic history from 1860 New Orleans.
  • Happy Memorial Day

    Hoping each and every one of you has a lovely Memorial Day. Remembering the sacrifices of others over the decades and enjoying your opportunity to be home safely with family.

    Make the most of it with games, grilling, fun red, white and blue desserts and cocktails as well as time to relax, reflect and give thanks.
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