• Pillow Talk

    Pillows add style to your outdoor areas or any room in your home making life much more lovely and comfortable. This is another way to add art in your home from the RDB collection.
  • Inspire Your Room

    Inspire your interiors with art from theRDBcollection. Mix striking ironwork art pieces from my work in New Orleans Uptown and the Garden District or my enchanting cemetery artwork with the beauty of other pieces from the collection that are romantic or moving to you in some way.

    This is a simple thank you note to all of you who show an interest and support my endeavors. You make a difference and make this a delightful experience.

    Show some RDB love about town with this cute little black tote. theRDBcollection special tote is a fun little black bag to stash your reading material, work files or a few things when shopping. It's lightweight and durable for ease of use and won't weigh you down. Easy to fold and put away!
    LAGNIAPPE FOR YOU NOW! For a limited time if you'd like one just email me and let me know and I will send it right out to you. I love sharing the love with my customers and friends.
  • Creating Art Under Glass

    I've been creating art glass decoupage pieces professionally since college. My initial tutelage came even before when I was learning some of the techniques by watching my mother or working along side her on a project. I have many fond memories of standing next to her watching her deftly create beautiful pieces of artwork this way as I stood on a stool. Then later I would work on little pieces alongside her. It was such an enjoyable time and led to my later creations.
  • Always Open!

    Finding something perfect for a gift or as a treat for yourself is only a few clicks away with theRDBcollection online.
  • Sleepy Time Down South

    It's sleepy time down South with this whimsical moon float art replete with his nightcap atop his head. Make a dreamy bedroom with this artwork or look around the shop for other pieces to make your room perfect.
  • Wrap It Up

    Get that art or lifestyle gift from theRDBcollection beautifully wrapped as part of RDB concierge services.
  • An Artist's Perspective

    My work is my perspective of the South, and sometimes it shows the strong influence other places can have on some of our cities. The history of New Orleans and France are forever intertwined.
  • ... and a little bit about me

    I feel a connection to my Southern surroundings. Born and raised in the South, it is still inspiring to be among the moss-covered live oaks and antebellum homes or feel the sugar white sands between my toes or hear the blues and jazz wafting through the thick Southern air. Where ever I am in my beloved South it fuels me. Inspiration is all around and is the creative drive that influences my work.

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