• Cozy Up This Fall

    Fall is here. The weather is cooler, leaves change or fall and the night comes earlier. It’s a lovely, cozy time of the year. It is also a great time to freshen the decor and make your home warm and inviting for the months to come. My textile art on standard throw pillows which come with hypoallergenic downlike inserts are a wonderful way to add something new easily. So you can cozy up and enjoy this beautiful time of the year.
  • Shop theRDBcollection

    The holidays will be here before you know it. Start planning now so you’re ready and to make it extra special this year. Giving art and other lifestyle items from artists like me makes your gifts unique and memorable. Find something for everyone on your list.
  • A Great Textile Art Piece for Fabulous Fashion and Function

    Get a gorgeous clutch to use as a purse for lunch with friends or a romantic dinner al fresco. These zippered pouches are so perfect for your iPad, journal and more. For work or for play, these are fabulous. You will love the incredible texture and weave of the textile too. My artwork is striking and vibrant. Easy to clean and washable.
  • Lovely Little Pieces of Art for You

    It’s always nice to have a tiny artwork in a space to Make it more special. I love the nooks and crannies and tucked away places in a home. Art adds warmth to the space. Tick a small piece here or there and see how it draws your eye and enhances your room.

    At theRDBcollection I have on offer some small artworks and will be adding more. Go shop now in my online shop.
  • Fused Art Glass Made Just for You

    Another beautiful piece of fused art glass from my collection. I used a detail from my Fleur de Lys Entombed artwork for this particular rectangular dish.

    Customers have used the fused glass as art to display, serve ware for dinner or cocktails, a trinket dish for jewelry and a valet tray for keys, cards and iPhone. The fused glass I create makes a lovely gift too. Beautiful and special. Something you won’t be able to get everywhere, and that shows a love of the beauty of the South.

    Shop my collection exclusively online for one-of-a-kind , limited edition, atelier-only pieces and small runs along with popular items to enhance your life.
  • Coasters for Cocktails!

    Pop the bubbly for a champagne cocktail or two. your drinks will be sitting pretty on the coasters from my collection. Absorbent and reusable. I love gifting these to friends and family too. Such a fun and useful gift. Go to my online shop to see all the styles available now.
  • Decorate Your Home with theRDBcollection of Beach Art

    Find lovely beach art in my online shop. Artwork that’s relaxing and peaceful is always a wonderful addition to any collection.
  • Postcard Perfect

    Use postcards to not only send but for many projects and decorating too.
  • Beautiful Art Canvases from theRDBcollection

    Over the Summer I have been creating a few canvases to offer in my online shop for my customers. For years, commercial clients have purchased custom canvases of mixed media work and photography I create for their offices and businesses through my art & design business. I decided to do a few 16x20 canvases for my online shop. These will be perfect on the wall or sitting around your beach house as well as your home.

    Take le a look online and contact me for more information or to discuss a special order if you prefer.
  • Incredible Blooms of the Yucca

    A nature share with you of this plant‘s magnificent bloom at our beach house recently.
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