• Sleepy Time Down South

    It's sleepy time down South with this whimsical moon float art replete with his nightcap atop his head. Make a dreamy bedroom with this artwork or look around the shop for other pieces to make your room perfect.
  • Wrap It Up

    Get that art or lifestyle gift from theRDBcollection beautifully wrapped as part of RDB concierge services.
  • An Artist's Perspective

    My work is my perspective of the South, and sometimes it shows the strong influence other places can have on some of our cities. The history of New Orleans and France are forever intertwined.
  • ... and a little bit about me

    I feel a connection to my Southern surroundings. Born and raised in the South, it is still inspiring to be among the moss-covered live oaks and antebellum homes or feel the sugar white sands between my toes or hear the blues and jazz wafting through the thick Southern air. Where ever I am in my beloved South it fuels me. Inspiration is all around and is the creative drive that influences my work.
  • Happy Birthday, New Orleans

    May 7 only 299 years ago was the birth of this beautifully unique city of New Orleans.
  • On Parade

    The beauty and pageantry of Mardi Gras Day in New Orleans is captured with these royal riders in a special carnival photograph from theRDBcollection. In black and white it gives a nostalgic, yesteryear feel and reminds you of the carnivals of old.
  • Remembering Mardi Gras: A sampler of this year's Fat Tuesday parade

    The colorful pageantry, people celebrating, decorated homes and beautifully-made floats are lovely on Mardi Gras Day. One of the oldest and most illustrious krewes parades that day, REX, the king of carnival. It is a delight to watch. This sampler shows just a little of the day's excitement.
  • Celebrate carnival time the New Orleans way!

    The traditions of Mardi Gras are many. Start your own by sending these wonderful carnival cards from theRDBcollection using one of the famous Mardi Gras Day floats featured.
  • Inspiration from Napoleon

    FInding inspiration from a collection on exhibit in New Orleans focusing on pieces from the life and times of Napoleon Bonaparte.
  • Pretty and Practical for the New Year

    A very pretty and practical way to enter the new year with this gorgeous calendar from theRDBcollection and inspired by cemetery wanderings and long walks in Uptown New Orleans.
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