• Southern Beauty

    Spanish moss draped over the limbs of beautiful live oaks, lovely parkland and fountain statuary with cool pools of water dot the cityscape. These lovely nature respites provide a wonderuf place to walk, picnic, observe and to inspire. Find this wonderful fine art piece among others in my collection.
  • Take Time to Write

    Whether you like to send a lovely card to someone or simply text a hello, theRDBcollection has a wonderful selection of notecards and postcards to brighten someone's day as well as artsy phone covers to make your texting stylish.
  • Collect Art with the South as Muse

    Get beautiful fine art photography from theRDBcollection.
    Take a look and find the perfect artwork for your home or office.
    Consult with the artist to start or to add to your collection.
  • Wear Art Every Day

    Picking a clutch to carry. What a pretty dilemma.

    A select group of these textile art pieces created from my artwork are going on the website again the Fall.
  • Stationery Addict

    Wonderful pieces inspired by my artwork create the perfect cards, stickers, journals, bookmarks, notepads and more for those who love stationery and sending lovely little notes or being inspired on notepads and notebooks.
  • Where the Live Oaks Grow

    A beautiful bit of Southern landscape art is perfect for daydreaming on these long, hot Summer afternoons.
  • Vintage Inspiration

    A vintage photo of mom on the lifeguard stand at the beach.
  • City That I Love ... New Orleans

    Delightful black rounds with Victorian curls and "City that I love ... New Orleans" centered on the round sticker will show your love of this beautiful and magical city.
  • A Rose for Mother

    As the famed poet Robert Frost wrote, "A flower unplucked is but left to falling, And nothing is gained by not gathering roses."
    The rose more than any other flower in history, literature and our daily lives seems to have significant meaning to the individual and certain emotions with its very presence....
  • Cherub of Your Heart

    It is important to let people know how much they mean to you every day with a kind word, love, support, a sweet note or a little treasure they might keep and enjoy. Letting others know how special they are is a gift you can give any time....
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