I've been creating art glass decoupage pieces professionally since college. My initial tutelage came even before when I was learning some of the techniques by watching my mother or working along side her on a project. I have many fond memories of standing next to her watching her deftly create beautiful pieces of artwork this way as I stood on a stool. Then later I would work on little pieces alongside her. It was such an enjoyable time and led to my later creations.  The unique beauty of artwork and photographs on art paper under glass with the addition of watercolors and gold gilding is quite lovely and really brings out the artwork in a dramatic way. No two are exactly alike when handmade as mine are.

For my collectors, I create art glass to be serve ware, cigar trays, art for the wall, paperweights, luncheon sets, jewelry trays and other items using my photography with this technique. These are limited edition pieces.

This particular handcrafted art glass is created using a reverse decoupage technique of one of my original photographs on art paper. The glass and/or photograph are hand painted with 24kt gold then sealed, titled and signed. 

A few pieces are in the shop. However, many of my photographs or mixed media work can be used in this technique. I love talking with my customers and creating custom pieces from my original art.